Facebook: The impulse war with your daily life

Everybody loves surprises, who can resists them. I still remember when my parents used to give surprises on my birthday, it was like the wait of the year. We used to  count backwards and ears always open for the possibility of a unexpected surprise.

Nowadays, when I looked into my Facebook profile, the most important part to me is the top left blue bar where you have the holy icons of notifications, friend requests. I always expect my profile to be like my Bruno (my cutely little Alsatian), whenever I looked at him, he used to wag his tail showing a sign of affection, belonging and what not.

I always wished to the almighty GOD that no matter how frequent (sometimes every fifteen minutes) I visit my profile despite being drowned in work, it should always yield notification, friend requests. I wish that my status and the sincerity of my words should be directly proportional to the total number of friends I have (currently close to 5000).

It should consider me as the leader and influencer of 5000 people and should treat my each like and each status update as seriously as possible. None of my comment should go unnoticed and should yield me reasonable notifications which a serious person like me should have. I want each of my likes to be taken as the likes of 5000 people whom I represent and who are like minded like me( as I am only friend to those who appreciates me and not criticize me). Oh yes not to mention the feed (especially photo) of my female friends should be as frequent as possible.

Reality Check: Nothing happens according to what I had thought and infact nothing ever had. Seems like my luck is running dry for few years ever since I had gone active social. None of my comment is taken with the expected seriousness and none of my activities reflect my social status which I should deserve.

This whole life is depressing to an extent.

Lets understand what is exactly happening in this social virtual world and why we are more prone to depression than ever before.

Our human mind is very much attracted towards unknown impulses coming from a known world or universe.  We all love to have surprises which create an addictive impulse in our brain each time when exposed to. However, during 70-90 before the dawn of internet/virtual/social world, the rate at which we receive these surprises was very less. For e.g. very few surprises in a year like on our birthday, wedding, Christmas, festive season. We always waited anxiously every day from our universe (mom,dad, friends, borthers or sisters) to reveal even a hint of surprise which could give us this impulse to our brain. Those days you can’t afford to have surprises every day or every week or every month. It was always once a rare affair for most of us (especially middle class income group families).

So in short the rate of impulse to which our human mind is exposed to was very less.

Now welcome the Year 2000 with the invent of social virtual world we can hook up even to remotest human individual on the planet whom me never might actually meet in reality. That’s the best part and there are many and many of them.

Let’s discuss one particular network which has captured the imagination of the whole world like no one before. Welcome The Facebook, the ultimate social networking tool which enables me to become friends with even those people who are residents of my enemy country. Had martian been using facebook then I would become friends with martians also without leaving my home. That’s the power of it. However, there is one down side to it and to most of the social networks also.

In The Facebook, the most sacred place is the top left blue bar which contains icon of notifications, friend request etc. And each notification is like a surprise to us which concerns us. Each friend request is like a birthday present to us which comes from a stranger. The impact of these each notification is equivalent to the surprise which we always are anxious to see what it contains inside the Pandora box.

Now if we calculate the rate of impulse to which our human mind is exposed to nowadays, it had grown exponentially from some few in a year to many per hour. This growth creates an addiction in our brain to the impulse which is generated. Now as they say in wisdom that nothing is bad except for the addiction. The addiction has grappled us with so much from all sides that we are becoming worse than a drug addict (in my opinion). We then start to increase the rate by becoming more frequent on facebook and participating more on the comment, frequently updating the status, liking others and so on and so forth. However this will increase the rate of impulse received for some time but there is a basic problem attached with it. You can’t have an ever increasing  rate-curve, someday the rate will come down and eventually starts a snowball effect on your  personality. Your situation psychologically will become more desperate and then it starts reflecting in your emotional and social quotient.

What will follow after that is simply the obvious , seeking more avenues more networks and more virtual places which could keep up with the current rate of impulse.

Then comes the reality check when something bad happens, which always happens, then we can’t create positive atmosphere to negate the effect and then depression creeps in slowly with every day every moment with your decreasing impulse curve.

Depression: lets talk a little about depression. With every human individual good things  and bad things happens. When something bad happens we try to create a balance by creating a positive environment, positive outlook etc. to negate the effect on our daily lives. To overcome the bad thing effect we always try to harness/harvest positive energy in our surroundings.  And when the intent to balance is gone, mind started going in depression which is most often a slow process.





Workaround: If there is a problem then there must be a workaround. In the above case, there are two workaround which is possible:

1)      Get out of the virtual world and enjoy the real world. This doesn’t mean that you should block/deactivate your profile forever. The only thing which you can keep it in your mind is that the holy icons are not holy enough to become surprises for you. Don’t consider the notification as holy as you are until now. Treat them as just notifications and nothing else. Friend request doesn’t mean that person could be a friend of yours in real life with the real you.

2)      Bring your real world into the virtual world. This means that every activity in real world you should start treating it the same way you treat the facebook notification or the friend request notification.

Human is a social animal but does that apply to being virtual social animal. Never go on war with your impulse exposure rate with your daily life.

About the author: You must be thinking that I must be frustrated with my friend (virtual) circle and writing it as a result of emotional depression. As a matter of fact, I have not posted on my profile since last two years. I don’t have an alsation Bruno. The matter of fact why I keep that profile still open is just to remind me that its not the choice because of depravation but because of choosing not to be there.


Life’s Paradox : Paradox of illusion

Life’s Paradox : Paradox of illusion

1) I am working for my family.

2) I am working hard for my family.

3) I am working very hard for me and my family

4) I am working very very hard for me.


Throughout my life, I had always oscillated between the above paradox. It looks like sometimes an illusion and sometimes a paradox impossible to covers both the ends at the same time.

Lets understand the above from a simple example and here who it could be except me as an example. When I started working, I promised to myself that whatever trouble I had seen in my life uptill now, I will achieve sufficient enough so that my future family (my wife and my offspring) will not see those.

So I started working like anyone and everyone. Developed a fire within to succeed at whatever the cost, no matter how the odds are stacked up against me.

But as they say you can change the shape of the metal by molding it into desired shape but you cannot change the nature of the metal. Because of that it seems like after so many years I am back to square one.

Sounds confusing, it is indeed is. Allow me elaborate more on the same.

Lets look at the facts first. If I am a working male then on an average I would be working 9-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

Lets assume safer side and assuming I am working 10 hours a day (including afternoon lunch) and 5 days a week. This is the time when I am away from my family.

Assuming I am travelling 2-3 hours daily commuting form office to my home. I am taking 3 hours ( as there are people who travel upto 4-5 hours daily to and fro) including both travelling in morning and evening.

So now I am left with 24hours – (10hours+3 hours)= 11 hours.

Now if I am an average medium class individual, then I would be sleeping around 7-8 hours daily. Lets assume 7 hours minimum sleep is required.

And total time for getting ready for the office and having breakfast and then having dinner in the night, I am safely assuming 2-3 hours.

Also the total time for recreation i.e. watching Television or internet at home assuming it to be somewhere around 1-2 hours.

Now if I add up all the time consumed uptill now( taking the minimum part)

(10+3+7+2+1)=23 hours.

So daily I am left with 24 minus 23 hours to spend with my family. Here I had taken the least case.

So out of 24 hours I am able to spend only one hour with my family daily.

So lets simplify more on the topic.

Total time spent with my family= 24 hours minus

1) Total time spent in office

2) Total time spent in travelling

3) Total time spent in getting ready, having breakfast and dinner in the evening

4) Total time spent in watching TV or internet at home.

Now some of us may say that we are weekend family type. It means that during the weekend you cease to exists as father, husband to a certain extent. And you take an active role only on weekend.

However there exists another twist in the story. Most of us did work on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays too. But lets not generalize on those ones. Rather focus on those who became active family members on weekends.

Again lets do a simple calculation. We tend to sleep more on weekends i.e. from 8-10 hours minimum. Lets assume 9 hours average on Saturday and Sunday. Then getting up and reading the newspaper till the breakfast table assuming an average of 2 hours at least. Then again travelling at least 1-2 hours for shopping weekly groceries and necessities often accompanied by movie which is again a 3 hours task.

I would like to stop over here and allow you to do the calculations yourself rather than me taking average and concluding something.

But for me the average time spent with my family was not more than 8-10 percent of my time during a particular week. Forget about time spent with friends or close family relatives.

The biggest question which I always keep on asking to myself is if I am working very very hard for my family to provide them with affordability, then is it that they have wanted or they have something else.

When I was studying in my college, for me the quantum of happiness (money required to survive) revolves around INR 2.5 and INR 10. INR 2.5 for the cigarette cost which is my passion now and INR 10 for two egg bhurji or dal and 4 chapati which is a sufficient meal for me.

Still now egg bhurji/dal and chapatti are sufficient for me and cigarette. But now each cigarette cost me INR 7 (brand changed) and simplest dal and chapatti cost me around INR 100.

My nature isn’t changed but the quantum of my spending changed (increased) with certain restrictions and boundations (health and hygenie)

Nature Equation


imagine an euqation which is like:


now imagine yourself as an independent variable ax of which a part is your preconcieved mind/perception/character of yours multiplied by the x factor which is the propensity of the situation and narture towards it.
Now the constants equals to the so called inanimate living part of nature.
Similarly goes for other person BY and CZ and so on and so forth.
Now whenever, the value goes negative the nature shifts itself to destroying some variables and constants and whenever the value equals to zero the balance exists. and when the value goes positive it increases the value of constants or our propensity.
However i dont want to much more into details and sub grouping otherwise it will complicate the equation and understanding and this is for general understanding and the exact and closest equation is somewhat different with exponential factor added to each variable and multiplication factors to each constants.

NLP And Advertising –The Boon To The Human Or Another Nuclear Warhead.


I don’t know about the next world war but about a particular war yes I can say that next war of any scale is going to be the battle of minds. You can slaughter millions of people of a country but then it again builds up like the water in a mug, the moment you take out your hand it will fill the gap like nothing existed before. Wonderful example is Japan. The nation where it used to be and where it is now everyone knows.
But suppose if you have killed the entire mindset of population and demeaned them into a particular mindset which had inculcated them the feeling of defeated every time then you had won the war forever. It can remain up to generations.
But suppose if we uses the same NLP for the betterment of people. For example a country is poor for e.g. Bangladesh then u cannot just go and provide them food and shelter for the betterment of their people everyday. Now there has to be someone amongst them who can take the charge of upliftment of their people. Then the reaction will start otherwise then you have to give them spoon feeding. Now suppose if we start programming them and as a series of action taken by the target audience the reaction followed by the rest of the people would actually initiate the process of their betterment i.e. then it will be more easy because providing them with opportunity to grow is more easy then providing them with free food or something else.
Advertising I think it itself need no introduction.


Lets first understand what does NLP means. NLP is neuro logical programming( not neuro linguistic programming) of the human brain which can transform the thinking pattern of the brain within a very short span of time. However some times the time taken is considerable large but that ensures complete transformation of the brain.
Let’s take a simple example: what’s the color of the font. Black, “ but this answers comes from the programming which already our parents and ancestor had done into our mind. They have conditioned us in fact programmed us from the very childhood that this color which emits this frequency is called black color.
Let’s take another example of an animal. An animal never told his kids how to communicate but he learns by his instinct. And you will not find a dog barking in Spanish or English. They all understand and speaks the same common language which is acceptable by the common standards of their society. Now when they come into contact with humans, then human condition or rather program them to understand their language. Now that is where programming comes into picture. It would be more easier if we took the functioning of human brain more similar to that of computer. A brain without a thought or pre-programmed set of rules and guidelines and a computer without a program are useless. It can do what it is told to do similarly a brain can do what it is told to do by the instincts. The only difference between human mind and computer is that capacity of computer is known. But the functioning is more or less similar.
Now lets extend this example to be more precise fluent with the topic. The culture standards which existed a century back and the culture standards existing today are extremely different. Now a days swim suits and short dresses in movies are common but flashing back and comparing it with the style of 60’s if those heroine could had worn these swim suit then it could have created havoc. Similarly child marriage is non-existent today. Now carefully looking at these changes major cultural changes we can say that we are programmed such over a period of time that these changes are accepted by and large everyone.
Now let’ examine how this has happened. It’s done by careful programming of human minds. Our parents carefully program us so as per the standards of the society so that we can behave like a responsible social animal. They had programmed us so that on the basis of basic foundation of character which they had laid down in our childhood we can achieve more i.e. enhancement of our lives from their lives. That’s why it’s always said that if a person behaves irrationally or below the common standards of society then the fault is more of their parents because they haven’t programmed him properly as per the basic standards of the society.
Now suppose if we put some virus in the human brain and remove the antivirus or the virus which even antivirus cannot pick up. Then ……?????
Suppose if we put some performance booster in the human brain then….?????

Perception Tripod Model : PTM

Perception Tripod ModelIt’s very important to discuss and elaborate about the perception definition since all the old definition are not able enough to compliment and explain the perception component of our warhead.
The only word perception is itself an obsolete word nowadays. Some reference to the timeframe and current state of the person has to be mentioned. As nowadays each person perception has a definite degree of a set of past, present and future perception benchmarks and the word perception itself has no meaning unless stated with reference to past perception, present perception or future perception which only single cannot stands on itself and justify the persons’ behaviour. Hence it can be seen as a tripod which stands on the legs of past, percent and future. However it is important to note that all three cannot have equal length and intensity. Each length of the individual leg is different.
For e.g. past perception has important role in shaping the future perception which is becoming present moment by moment.

Future perception
(déjà vu, scintillation of visions of future, subconscious shaping of the future with no reference of the past or present)
(dynamic allocation of personality traits which could force them to behave in a certain unpredictable way e.g. phsychos)
Past Perception
Trait,Mental projection of predefined perception, subconscious shaping of the future with reference of the past or present etc)

Now summing up and explaining further each individual actions and reactions are governed by a complex equation.


Where Xà past factors explained above.
Cà the constant or the energy level at a given point of time. Hence this equation keeps changing from time to time but its range is fixed by each individual in which it will vibrate.
Yà present factors
Zà future factors
x,y,z, à are the weightage each person gives to each of the individual factors. The more the tendency towards z and less weightage to x indicates dynamic personalities with more risk taking capabilities.

Hence each individual can be plotted on three dimensional axis i.e. X,Y,Z and the circle in which it will vibrate.
However for simplicity we have taken only three dimension but in actual it should be plotted on four dimensional graph where fourth dimension represents timeframe i.e. the capability with which process and take information.

The Mind Water Analogy

We all humans breathes in air, walk on land, and think in water. Now what does that mean. Well an individual a human can be plotted on 3 dimensions initially which are air, land and water viz soul, body and mind. The soul or the spirit shows all the character of a bird as free as wind or air, the inconquerable, similarly the body of a human being shows all the character of animal or living beings on land as mortal as others are and finally the mind behaves and functions in similar manner as a creature or fluid behaves in water.



This also implies that the soul behaves and functions in similar manner to the wind i.e. which cannot be seen but could be felt no matter it is in what forms , energies, radiation, etc. This means that the rules which applies to the wind are all applicable to the soul or the characteristic or qualities which can be exhibited by the soul are the same for the wind.

Similarly the body and land combo is same as the above soul and air combo and hence so do it shows similar pattern for mind and water.

If we really want to achieve perfection or improve upon our soul then we should let our souls free, free from desires, greed, pleasure, good and bad. An air doesn’t choose its land for flowing because that land is full of good qualities. No its always free from good or bad and it has no motive towards flowing towards any directions. The obstructions coming in the way changes its direction. So the most crucial point to remember over here is do not be mistaken by obstacles and results because that’s should not decide the decision to flow or not to flow. The only thing which wind knows is about flowing and nothing else. So the continuity of moving on should be nourished to nourish your soul but not the directions should motivate or demotivate you. Let your soul be nourished by air and be like it. Because the more you try to be natural and original you then the more the soul will show characteristics of wind, the real you. Do not be misled by good or bad just observe and flow like the wind free from good or bad prejudice.

Similarly, the body it follows all the rules and shows traits of anything and everything attached to this earth. The rules of gravity, matter, dimensions do exist and hence so it exists for the body. To nourish the body you should be like earth. Follow and behave like the qualities which this earth is having, the quality to absorb, patience etc. remember the rules are same for all earthly characters in this world.

So the same thing applies to the mind. It almost and I think always behaves in a certain manner like it would have behaved as if in water. Anything or everything that forms a part of the water, the rules, the principles and the characteristics, they all are same for anything in water. The water always flows and hence the mind always wanders. The water if found an obstruction will impact the obstruction and at the same time circumvent the obstacle. Similar the mind behaves in similar manner. When some obstacle came it gets demotivated and at the same time think of other options but will waste his most energies in just thinking about that obstacle.


The mind water analogy explained: in MP3 or MPPP or mental projection of predefined perception, we all behaves like in water.

Take an example of point A and Point B in a beaker full of water and now we know that point A is above point B. Then the point B will feel certain additional pressure due to height of the water coloumn above. This is exactly what happens with all of us. Kaun kitne paani mein hai. We all behaves like individuals placed in a beaker full of water. And the moment we came into contact with some other person we started measuring our height and the other fellow height. Which means there will be certain parameters (different for every human being) on which basis we first measure our height and then the other fellow height. And if the result came out to be that he is at higher level than it means we started developing or trigger our inferiority complex reaction subconscious which will start projecting a superior image of the other fellow than your and hence fall victim of the pressure of the water column above us or predefined perception. Similarly if that other fellow is found out by us that he is on a lower level than also we started developing and triggering superiority complex which will make a predefined perception of ours over him and will dictate the consequenses through out our interaction.

This is call mind water analogy. Become what for you were born. You are the universe or the universe is you only. May be I think I started getting a feeling why its said that you are the universe and the universe is you. You have air, water and land in your whole individuality or you can say the whole nature in your personality.


There are exactly five or more than five dimensions on which a human can be individually plotted. The first three are mind(water), body(land) and soul(air). And the other two are time and fire. Lets first understand these 3 dimensions in detail, then only we would be able to comprehend these another 2 dimensions.

Now what comes the obvious question is whats the use of knowing all this. Well for me I think that’s more than enough for any individual to know for self improvement and you can say also that its just the starting point for understanding this universe which will start from you and finally it comes to you like a zen circle which means no start no end, they both coincides.